Over the past several years, I have felt a burden for witnessing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to my neighbors, coworkers, friends and family.  I've long been frustrated with the lack of desire and opportunity existing in my own congregation, and as I further explored the issue, I saw it in a broader denominational perspective.  From listening, reading and learning, I came to the conclusion that despite the good intentions and sincerity of Mennonites to reach those outside of their own congregations, some practices and attitudes stood in the way.  That was the beginning of the inspiration for this book.

In 2001, I began the process of interviewing, visiting, reading, and writing this book.  While this book contains some of my own experiences - some good, some bad - I sought out the experiences of others to get wider perspective.  



Additionally, I found congregations that were taking bold steps to make changes and ultimately go beyond their comfort zones to reach others.  The book was released in May of 2003.  I've participated in several book signings since it's release, and I've been asked to speak at several churches who were studying this book in their Sunday School classes.  My first workshop, entitled Reaching People Outside the Church, was held in September of 2003.

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