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How Affluenza Affects The Church


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For The Compass - 

“That Was Then, This Is Now, and You Are Here…,” 

The Compass,, September 24, 2001.  Also reprinted in Living Springs, Autumn 2001.


 "Your Time, My Time, Me Time, and God’s Time,” 

The Compass,, October 29, 2001.


 “Let Go Of Some of This Stuff

  The Compass,, December 3, 2001.


“Re: If You Love Jesus,” 

The Compass,, May 20, 2002.


“Let Freedom From Freedom Ring,” 

The Compass,, July 1, 2002.

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For STC News and Views 

“Can Technical Writing and Technical Support Work Together?” 


STC News & Views, November 1997, p 1.  Also reprinted in Rough Draft, the STC Phoenix Chapter newsletter, and Viewpoint, the STC San Fernando Valley Chapter newsletter (March 2000).


 “The Evolution of Grammar...And Other Gripes,” 


STC News & Views, March 1999.