Car Buyer Customers

Here Are Some of My Happy Car Buyer Customers

Katerra Jenerette Snead and Michael Snead fell in love with their newly acquired 2011 Acura MDX Tech – and they like their salesman, too!


Tracy Shirley is just soooooo super excited about her 2010 Honda CR-V!


Marilyn Russell sharing how happy she is with her newly acquired 06 Subaru Outback.



Danny and Ellen Cortes are excited to get a new Acura TLX!


Rebecca Meyer loves her new Acura RDX!


Steven & Kristin Bowen and family ready to take home their new Toyota Highlander SE.



Dean Solon Likes his new Toyota Corolla, and so does his wife –

or maybe she is just so happy with him for buying a great car!


Jeffrey Gearhardt is supper happy about his Toyota Tacoma Limited!


It’s Andrew Liddell & Family from Narberth here to pick up their new RAV4 SE !


This red Toyota Sienna van is being brought home by Jonathan & Caroline Kline and Family.