How Did We Ever Drive These Around?

Remember these massive vehicles? How did we ever drive these around?

(scroll down the photos and see below)



How did we ever get these behemoths down a crowded street or even fit in an average size garage? These ginormous machines came with excessive features like coach lamps, padded full vinyl roof, opera windows, and cut pile carpets on all the floors and lining the entire trunk. The most bizarre feature was opera windows – those little oval portholes on the side of the cars behind the rear seating area. I can’t imagine watching an opera through those things!

Here are some features they should have listed:  *  Two full size loose pillow sofas, one front one rear, in your choice of leather or velour  *  Power Retracting Anchor   *  Power Cigar Ashtray   *   Compact car crushing front and rear Battering Ram Chrome Bumpers   *   Occupant Power Door Closing Controls (to automatically close the large heavy airplane-sized doors).

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